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September 2018 Quizzle Answers

Question 1
True or False
George and Judy Jones, with Cody their 18-year old son who is attending the local high school, have been approved to move into Summer Place. Under the Fair Housing Act, this household is a protected class by familial status.

Answer: False.  The dependent is no longer a minor, which is a distinct provision of the protection.

Question 2
An applicant has applied at your property and notes on the application that she is pregnant. The other household members listed include a co-head and her 3-year old nephew residing with them as a foster child. When determining the household size, for income and occupancy, a manager would consider how many members:

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 0

Answer: C (4)

Question 3
True or False

When determining the anticipated annual income of a household, the Social Security benefits paid to the minor occupants is included.

Answer: True

Question 4
An applicant has the following contributions to the household; $50.00 in groceries delivered weekly from Grandma Josephine, and a recurring gift in the amount of $200 that is deposited monthly into a bank account.  When determining the annual income of this household, the correct annual income is:

  1. $3,000.00
  2. $2,400.00
  3. $5,000.00
  4. $600.00

Answer: $2400.00. The weekly amount of groceries is exempt and as stated in Exhibit 5-1 of the 4350.3 HUD Handbook. The cash deposit into the bank account is a verifiable cash contribution and must be included as income to the household.

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