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November 6, 2020 Quizzle Answers

Question 1

Fred is a 58 year old living in a HUD unit. His wife, age 64, is head of the household. Together their annual income is $12,000 and total medical expenses are $1,500.  What is 3% of the annual income?

A. $360
B. $1,140
C. $1,500
D. $0

Answer: A. $360


What are the allowable medical expenses?

A. $360
B. $1,140
C. $1,500
D. $0

Answer: B. $1,140


Question 2

A section 8 household has total income of $20,000 and total allowed deductions of $15,000. The utility allowance is $100 and the household does not qualify for a minimum rent exception. What is their monthly tenant rent?

A. A $58 utility allowance reimbursement
B. $167
C. $400
D. $25

Answer: B. $167


Question 3

10% of gross income will always be less than 30% of adjusted income. True or false?

A. True
B. False

Answer: B. False

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