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May 29, 2020 Quizzle Answers

Question One

True or False.  An adult FT student applying at a Section 42 community is pursuing a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) is considered a full-time student for the LIHTC program. 

Answer: False. The IRS defines full time student status as: Determined by the educational organization as attending full time to include elementary school, junior and senior high schools as well as institutes of higher learning; The student must attend a school with facilities and regular student body; and Attend full-time all or parts of any 5 months out of the year (doesn’t have to be consecutive

Section 42(i)(3)(d) & 8823 Guide Chapter 17.   

**Additionally, the longest term for the GED is 4 months. 

Question Two

True or False.  HUD housing programs may not deny or terminate applicant/tenant assistance or tenancy on the basis or as a direct result of the applicant or tenant currently or having been a victim of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

Answer: True. Provided that the applicant or tenant otherwise qualifies for admission, assistance, participation, or occupancy.

Question Three

Sally is applying at a LIHTC community.  She has a court order establishing monthly child support payments for $300.  In reviewing the verification received from the child support enforcement agency, it is verified that the household is receiving monthly payments of $200 and Sally has not pursued or made an effort to collect the unpaid portion.  The manager determines that the annual amount of income for child support is $3,600 because that is the court ordered amount. Is this the correct amount?

Answer: Yes. We would count the full court ordered amount since Sally is not making any efforts to collect the amount that is not being paid.

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