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"I manage four HUD and USDA subsidized rental complexes in Illinois totaling 112 units. These projects require the utility allowances be reviewed yearly for the budgets and other requirements of the entities that oversee the projects. Several years ago I ran across an ad in the Rural Rental Housing brochure for Illinois. it mentioned Zeffert & Associates and that one of their specialties was utility allowances. I called them and was pleased to hear we could well afford their services. Since then I tell anyone that asks, that what we spend on the services by Zeffert & Associates is our best bargain in apartment management. The service is easy to use, requires very little on the part of the manager, and we are never questioned by HUD or USDA about the status of our utility allowances at the project when they know they are calculated by Zeffert & Associates. In all, I can highly recommend this company to anyone and I hope reading this helps your decision. I believe you will save time and money by using Zeffert & Associates for your utility allowance requirements."

Janet R. Cromer, President
Cromer Enterprises, Inc.
Posted in: Utility Allowance

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