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Quizzle Answers - January 2021

Question One
A tenant at Whispering Hollow apartments asks the property manager for permission to have an assistance animal.  The tenant has a mobility disability and cannot hear very well. Whispering Hollow apartments has a no pet policy.  The tenant’s request is:

A. A Reasonable Modification
B. Not Valid
C. A Reasonable Accommodation
D. Allowed under ADA

Answer: C


Question Two
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 would most directly affect which protected class:

A. Familial Status
B. Disability
C. Religion
D. Gender

Answer: B


Question Three
Of the following, which is the best definition of an accessible route?

A. The route that connects all parts of a facility, so that an individual can go from one part of the facility to another without obstruction.
B. The route that is designed so that there are "pockets" of accessibility.
C. The route that covers the common areas. Private use areas do not have to be on the accessible route.
D. A marked route that is established with the assistance of individuals with disabilities.

Answer: A

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