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Quizzle Answers - May 1, 2020

Question One

In processing an application for the Rogers family that consists of Joe, Mary, and twin 9-year old daughters, the property manager determines the household size to be only 3 because Joe is absent and unavailable to sign the lease since he is deployed.  As a result, the Rogers family does not qualify to move in because their annual income exceeds the income for a 3-person household. 

Was the manager correct in this case and why or why not?

Answer: No. Temporarily absent members affect both unit size and income calculations. We must always count household members in the military who have a spouse or a child in the unit, even if they are assigned out of town. 5-7 & 5-6 B&C / 5-9 & 5-10

Question Two

An applicant has applied at your property and notes in the application that she is pregnant. The other household members listed include her 3-year old foster nephew and a co-head of household. 

When determining household size, a manager should consider how many members:

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 0

Answer: (C) 4.  We count unborn children if the mother mentions it on a self-affidavit or application. We never assume someone is expecting a child. Foster children are also counted.

Question Three

In reviewing a document provided by the child support agency for Mary, it is verified that there is a $500 per month child support order.  The verification shows a payment history for the last 12 months of $200 bi-weekly paid to the household.  Mary says that she has not made any efforts to collect the unpaid difference .

What is the anticipated annual income from child support for this household?

  1. $6,000
  2. $2,400
  3. $5,200
  4. $4,800

Answer: (A) $6,000.  While $200 collected times 26 weeks equals $5,200; Mary has not made any effort to collect the unpaid amount.  The total ordered is $500 times 12 months equals $6,000. If Mary was making reasonable efforts to collect the unpaid amount then we would only count the actual amount received.

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